Never underestimate the power within yourself and your team.

We are Pinna and we are catalysts for change to drive your business forward. Taken from the Latin — pinnaculum — we are here to help your business reach the height of achievement and development through effective coaching. We can transform individual and organisational leadership, improve management and push performance.


Our coaching helps your people find their own way forward. Investing in internal relationships realigns the values of your business and strengthens your team invaluably. As your staff grow, your business will grow with them.


Effective coaching and training gives your staff the opportunity to increase their potential. We can work with all levels of your business. By coaching one to one, we help every individual on your team to outperform previous records, ensuring measurable results and an unparalleled return on your investment.


Individuals in middle management have the maximum capacity for change. They provide leadership for their areas and act as role models for the rest of the organisation. We give them the skills and the confidence to lead independently and successfully, in turn giving you the confidence to delegate responsibility to a proficient and energised team.


As people progress through their career, the need for specialist technical skills becomes less important whilst interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with teams, clients and suppliers becomes vital. Change can be difficult. We can help your team to embrace the necessary changes and for them to enable their colleagues to do so. Positive and welcome change is driven from within.


We work with you to understand the problems facing your chain of command. Time and time again, our approach has proven that by empowering employees, increased confidence and performance will follow at every level. We give you confidence in your team so that you can delegate delivery and refocus your time into growing your business.

The Proof

Danny Houghton Business Development Partner, Moore & Smalley LLP
"A new way of doing things has enabled us to continue to grow."
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Martin Knapp MD, Mycroft Talisen
"Since working with PINNA my team have volunteered their own target which unbelievably is double what I would have given them!"
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Pete Holroyd Store Manager, Booths Supermarkets
"With no input or suggestion from him, he helped stimulate my thoughts and helped me to work out the next steps I would take to rekindle my confidence."
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Natalie Taylor-Proctor Team Leader, Learning and Information Services, UCLan
"Natalie is my immediate superior and the improvement in her management style has had a knock on effect which is certainly appreciated by the whole team."
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Chris Hopper Account Director, MC2
"You’ve made me re-evaluate how I work with clients and improved how we work with them."
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We are a well established and successful firm of Chartered Accountants and in a continuously changing and challenging business environment we needed to stay one step ahead. The old ways of doing things had worked well for us at the time. We doubted if those ways would serve us well in a forthcoming tough economic climate. We decided we needed to change our culture.

What happened?

Pinna's focus was on helping our people to buy-in to change in ways that worked for them. We undertook one on one coaching for the partners plus training sessions for partners, directors and managers in coaching their own team and setting up vital internal coaching forums.

Who has benefitted?

The work we did with Pinna has lead to a change in the culture and philosophy of the firm. The internal attitude has changed for the better. Our staff are happy to be part of a successful firm and our managers feel better equipped to do their jobs, they are now enablers, creating environments where people can achieve more. Finally, because we've improved how we listen, we are now better able to better understand the needs of our clients.

Pinna have played a vital part in helping Moore & Smalley to continually pass our targets year on year. We could not have imagined that this new way of doing things would have enabled us to grow and thrive in such a tough economic period.


I've always worked very hard to make sure my team knew what was expected of them. As the MD, I used to spend a lot of time monitoring how my people and my business were performing against the various targets I had set. I did a lot of planning, monitoring and controlling.

That's what I'd seen other successful managers and leaders do and it was working for me - or so I thought. I was running what some might say was a very successful business, but somehow, I really don't know why, it felt a bit stale.

What happened?

I attended a course run by Pinna and as a result I changed how I did a few things. The beauty of it all is that it seems so simple. The changes themselves don’t seem to be too complicated or significant but that doesn’t mean it’s been an easy task to change my behaviour.

Since working with Pinna, my team has volunteered their own target. This target was double what I would have given them and now they themselves monitor their progress. I can get on with adding value to my business by looking at strategy, marketing, product development and looking after our clients. But of course I’m still keeping one eye on the numbers.

Who has benefitted?

What does this mean for my business? Well we’re 25% ahead of the previous year. What does it mean for me? In a word - ‘invigorated’. Now you know why I said that I ‘thought’ my old way was working for me.


I have been a successful store manager with Booths Supermarkets for 30 years. Despite my success, my confidence and self-belief had taken a few knocks. Although results were still good I knew I wasn’t operating in the way I would like. I knew I wasn’t being the ‘real me’ and with hindsight this had impacted my life beyond work as well. To my fortune, my HR department had arranged a coaching session with Pinna.

What happened?

To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what to expect when I met Jack. His brief was simply “You might be able to help one of our managers.” So we really did start with a blank piece of paper! Jack asked a lot of questions and did a lot of listening.

When most people offer themselves to help they say “Why don’t you do this?” or “Why don’t you do that?” or they try encouraging you, saying, “Come on you can do it!” even though they have good intentions, none of that works.

Jack’s coaching was different, he tapped into me. With no input or suggestion from him, he helped stimulate my thoughts and helped me to work out the next steps I would take to rekindle my confidence. It all came from within me. It’s quite incredible really. I feel great.

Who has benefitted?

The most obvious benefit has been in me, I feel great. It’s also had a huge knock on effect. My boss now has a much more proactive, confident reportee; my organisation will see better results with refreshed management and my team will benefit from everything that Jack has taught me.

It’s also benefitted my family life. For the first time ever I’ve been able to go on holiday and not worry about what’s going on back at the store. I’m not sending those ‘quick emails’ or using my mobile phone ‘just to check.’ This isn’t because I’m no longer bothered about the store, this is because I have the confidence to believe in the abilities of those around me and a reaffirmed self-belief in how I am doing things.


I used to think that management was about command and control, so that’s what I had tried to do. My results seemed to be fine, but I always knew I could do a lot better. I knew I wasn’t achieving what I was capable of. I just didn’t know how to tap into whatever it was I was missing and I certainly didn’t know how to put this into practice. It was frustrating to say the least.

What happened?

I attended a Pinna Manager as Coach course which I found liberating in so many ways, as an individual and for my team. I have since gone on to complete the Coaching for Organisational Performance course, which has taken my performance and learning to a higher level still. Pinna coaching tapped into something I knew was there.

They have given me the awareness and the tools to trust myself and act authentically. I challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve also realised it’s not just up to me to deal with things; my team do it with me.

Who has benefitted?

My team are a lot more engaged. Performance has increased, there is less absenteeism and amazingly, we achieved a major transformation to flexible evening and weekend working without any HR involvement. We have reduced our ‘return to shelf time’ from 100 hours down to 5, this is a key measure of our performance for our service. It means that the students (our customers) get a much better level of service. We’re now coming top in Student Satisfaction Surveys, ranking highly in national league tables and attracting more students.

Our competitors may have the same strategy, the same equipment and the same technology but we have the competitive edge. Pinna gave me the tools and the belief in myself that’s helping our people to perform and develop. For me that’s the job of a manager. It can be scary, it’s definitely exciting, sometimes exhilarating and it’s paying off!


I am part of the financial and professional services team at MC2, a leading marketing and communications agency based in Manchester. We work closely with a significant number of clients in a fast-paced environment. Although our clients are pragmatic, they rightly expect a high-quality and prompt service, along with expert advice on communications. I wanted to ensure our client relationships were as strong as possible and, vitally, that our clients benefited.

What happened?

At first, I was unsure about the sessions with Helen and what to expect. However everything was explained very clearly and I relaxed. This allowed me to discuss the challenges our team was facing and, more importantly, begin to talk about what the solutions might be.

Helen’s coaching was fantastic. She understood what we needed and how to get there and she didn’t preach or force potential solutions on me. She allowed me to find a better way of building and maintaining client relationships for myself.

They have given me the awareness and the tools to trust myself and act authentically. I challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve also realised it’s not just up to me to deal with things; my team do it with me.

Who has benefitted?

As a team we have improved how we work with clients. We are now even more attuned to what they want. We are more confident and proactive, and that has made our work more satisfying.

Best of all, I think the experience for our clients has really improved. Our job is about much more than just advising on communications. We need to understand the businesses we work with and what is important to the people who run them. Helen’s coaching has made us appreciate that even more.”